Our company “Smyrloglou Anastasios LLC” has one and only goal, the handmade production of scented incenses, friendly to the environment, made from pure and traditional raw materials and the trade of charcoal tablets of high quality.

  As a company we sell wholesale in packages of either 1kg, or in packages of 30gr in small transparent boxes, with either our logo or your logo, even in very large quantities. We can produce and distribute quantities more than 300 tons per year.

  The credibility of our high quality of our products is enhanced by the presence of a qualified chemical engineer, who is overseeing and he is responsible of the production line and the storage of the products.

 Understanding fully the political, economic, social and family difficulties of our times, we decided to offer our products in the most economic and affordable prices, because we strongly believe that no one should be deprived of the opportunity to worship the Lord.

 We address to all temples, churches, convents, and religious items stores, wishing to honor us with their cooperation.


 It would be a great pleasure for us, if YOU become one of our collaborators.


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